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Teacher Training - The Need

Children, between the ages of 0 to 6 years are just like tender saplings. Saplings germinate from seeds and grow into delicate plants. Similarly, children are born on earth and start growing, developing and maturing gradually.

The gardener waters the saplings, provides them with fertilizers, applies insecticides to prevent decay, prunes them, shelters them etc. In the hands of the able gardener, they grow into big trees and bear fruits and flowers beneficially. Hence, the gardener with his love, care and skills tends to each sapling and brings about the desired wholesome growth and development of the plant. However, in order to do so, the gardener himself has to be highly proficient in his work.

A teacher is to a child what a gardener is to a plant. Desired growth and development in a child can be effectively brought forth at the skilled and efficient hands of a professionally trained and highly accomplished teacher. In order to gain such proficiency, obviously a teacher needs to undergo exhaustive training from a renowned teacher training institute, before she embarks on the profession.

Teacher training was not as comprehensive and value-oriented just a few years ago. These days, the Teacher Training arena is better thought-out and target based. There are vital grounds for this. Firstly these days' schools hire only teachers who have undergone intensive Teacher Training Courses. Secondly, quality teacher training institutes have come into vogue all over the world. Also, children now are seen as crucial assets, who shall bring about a nation's advancement. Therefore, children have to be presented with ample opportunities to develop from a very early age. This will be possible only when a goal is set, to revamp the way future teachers are being trained.

Thus, we at VES, a renowned Teacher Training Institute have taken it upon us to develop the teacher training field through constant research, innovation, guidance, and support. Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES), a govt. regd. Teacher Training Institute under Societies' Registration Act, 1860 and Public Trust Act, 1950, brings forth a vista of teachers' training courses. We can take pride in the exclusive features that we offer our trainees and make their experience at VES a value for money.

So, come and join us and transform into an educator, who can be a vital factor in rearing young minds today, so that they become nation builders tomorrow. Educating shall endow you with a satisfying career and also give you a chance of self-employment.

Once you have completed training with us you will be able to innovate , put theory into practice, plan and execute curriculum and evaluate individual growth and development in children. You will be able to face all challenges associated with pre-school teaching with skill and confidence.

Course Duration

The Teacher Training Course is of one year duration. However you can complete the course at anytime within one-year limit.

Eligibility for Enrolment

You are eligible to enroll for our courses if you have 10+2 level qualification or above.