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How It Works

Simple and easy progress of the Regular / In - Class Mode
  • Regular interesting lectures will be held.
  • In - depth explanation of the theory topics, ample practice and plentiful revision during lectures.
  • Excellent teaching aids are used.
  • Support, personal guidance and immediate feedback will be given from time to time.
  • Practical skills for lesson and curriculum planning, phonics, craft and creativity, rhymes and story - telling etc. will be taught through extensive workshops.
  • Trainees will get to attend internship at the pre - school run by us to get practical experience of class and child - management.
  • Trainees will be required to undertake Project work to develop their creative skills which will be assessed.
  • There will be written examinations and viva - voce.
  • The final mark sheet and certificate will be prepared on the basis of total marks obtained in written examinations, project work and viva - voce.
  • Trainees have to collect final marksheet and certificate in person.

Simple and easy progress of the Online and Distance Study Mode
  • No written examinations.
  • Assignment – based assessment.
  • Each course has five study modules– 4 theory modules and 1 practical module.
  • In the Online / E – learning mode, study materials and assignments are sent via e – mails in PDF.
  • In the Distance / Correspondance mode, study materials and assignments are sent via courier on your address in the form of booklets.
  • The fifth module is a practical module containing knowledge about practical aspects like play activities, art and craft ideas, curriculum and lesson planning, report – writing etc.
  • Trainees have to do self – study of all the modules. There are no lectures.
  • An exclusive course coordinator is allotted to the trainee, whom they can contact at any time during the course for clarifications or guidance via phone calls or e – mails.
  • Trainees have to attempt assignments on each module based on their self – study.
  • Trainees have to send attempted assignments for assessment via e – mail or courier depending on the Online or the Distance study mode respectively.
  • Qualified evaluators will assess the attempted assignments.
  • The final marksheet and Certificate are prepared on the basis of total marks obtained in all the assignments.
  • The marksheet and certificate will be couriered to you free of cost within 30 working days from the date of submission of last assignment.
  • Recommendatory letter will be provided for Internship.
  • The words 'Online' or 'Distance' will not appear anywhere on your certificate.