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School Administration Courses In India

About Us

Vidhyanidhi Education Society,a Govt. Regd. Teachers’ Training Institute, invites you to get certified in one of its school administration courses in India!VES is a well-known institute in training teachers and education a list since almost more than twenty years.

Courses Offered

School administration courses in India are available through the online /distance mode. Courses offered are:

  • Educational Management
  • School Administration And Management

Career scope

On taking up any one of the above school administration courses in Indiaa DiplomaCertification will be granted to you which will open doors for your career.

Options knocking at the door are:

  • Apply in Schools and other institution as
    • Teacher
    • Supervisor
    • Coordinator
    • Centre – heads
    • Vice-principals and Principal
  • Join asCEOs and Educational Managers in educational services sector.
  • Be a proprietor of your own preschool and child care centre.

Management and School Administration Courses in India

Benefits for you

When you join VES many benefits will be showered on you.

  • Extensively designed curriculum.
  • Widely accepted certification.

Amazing features offered are:
  • Course Fee is Reasonable.
  • Solved assignments to be sent for assessment. No exams.
  • Marksheet and certificate do not mention the terms ‘online’ or ‘distance’ mode.
  • Programme scheduled not rigid at all.
  • Dedicated course coordinators.
  • Regular support and feedback.
  • Marksheet and diploma certificate couriered for free.

Progress of the course

Course Progresses as below:

  • Modules and assignments are couriered (distance mode) / e-mailed to you in PDF format (online mode).
  • Assignment centered assessment.
  • The next set of study materials will be sent to you on completion of assignments of the previous modules.
  • Support and guidance given from your course coordinator in case of doubts.
  • The marksheet and certificate include total marks scored and Grade respectively which will be couriered to you for free.

School Administration Courses in India, Mumbai


Students having 10+2 or abovequalification can do the course.


Within one year.

Other Courses

Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma Programmes in

  • Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
  • Montessori Teacher Training (MTT)
  • Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)
  • Pre Primary Teacher Training (PPTT)

Diploma in

  • Learning Disability Course
  • Special Education Course

Certificate Course in Phonics Teachers’ Training

Realise and Enhance your career path with VES!