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Phonics Teacher Training

Phonics and Its Need

Preschool children find Phonics extremely useful to read, write as well as spell. Several schools use Phonics as a simple, systematic language learning technique to develop their children’s English.

Hence, aspiring teachers who undertake Phonics Teacher Training from reputable institutes like Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) get lucrative phonics teaching jobs in schools all over the world. Undertaking the ‘Certificate Programme in Phonics Teachers' Training’ from VES also offers the opportunity to start your own entrepreneurship in the field of phonics. VES offers Phonics Teacher Training for aspiring teachers, in - service teachers, parents, housewives, collegians, entrepreneurs in the field of education, professionals from other fields as well as all those who are keen to work with children.

Children learning English through Phonics find it easy to

  • Firstly, read, write, spell and speak correctly from early years.
  • Secondly, develop their vocabulary.
  • Thirdly, understand the language.

Teachers using Phonics find it easy to

  • Firstly, develop children’s language skills effortlessly.
  • Secondly, develop creative writing in children.
  • Thirdly, encourage love for English in children.

Phonics Teacher Training Course in Mumbai

Features of Phonics Programme
  • Year - round admissions
  • Reasonable course fee
  • Experienced trainers
  • Excellent study material
  • Apt teaching aids
  • Guidance to start phonics centre

Content of the Programme
  • Importance, Definition as well as Types of Phonics
  • Whole Language Approach versus Phonics
  • Demonstration of Letter as well as Digraph sounds
  • Letter Formation
  • Blending as well as Segmenting
  • Blends
  • Tricky words
  • Phonics Rules
  • Alternative Vowel Spellings

Learning Phonics Teacher Training Course

Career Scope

After finishing Phonics Teacher Training, you may

  • Be appointed as a phonics teacher in schools globally.
  • Get promoted or receive increment in your workplace.
  • Start your own phonics learning centre for kids.
  • Help your own child learn English.

Who Can Enrol?

You can do Phonics Teacher Training if you are:

  • aspiring to be a teacher,
  • already teaching,
  • giving tuition,
  • an entrepreneur,
  • a mother,
  • a housewife,
  • or a college student.

English Phonics Teacher Training Classes in Malad

Features of VES
  • Firstly, Highly respectable Name in Teaching & Training arena
  • Secondly, Govt. Regd. Institute
  • Thirdly, Experience of over two decades.

Duration and Eligibility
  • The 'Certificate Programme in Phonics Teachers' Training' is of 23 – hour duration.
  • You are eligible if you possess the basic knowledge of the English language.
Nimisha Shah

"Now I am confident to teach English pronunciations to my child. I help him to spell correctly with sounds and so he doesn’t have to memorize spellings`. Thanks to phonics as well as to VES."

Parent – Kandivali
Falguni Singhvi

"The phonics certification from VES is a must for all freshers who want to enter the teaching field. Highly recommended."

Kidzee – Pune