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Phonics Teacher Training in Mumbai

Need for Phonics

Phonics is an effective technique helping young learners to read, write, spell as well as comprehend with the help of phonic sounds. Numerous schools use phonics. So, there is a high demand for professionally - trained phonics teachers. A certification in Phonics Teacher Training in Mumbai from Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) also provides chances of starting your own phonics learning centre for children.

The first few years of a child are important for language learning. However, many children are unable to fare well in English due to use of incorrect language teaching methods such as rote learning. Instead Phonics Teacher Training in Mumbai is quite successful.

Children need phonics to

  • firstly, read independently and correctly.
  • secondly, develop vocabulary.
  • thirdly, form letters easily.
  • fourthly, spell words without mugging.
  • fifthly, understand language better.

Teachers need phonics to

  • firstly, develop language skills effectively.
  • secondly, impart creative writing ability.
  • thirdly, foster love for the English language in children.

Phonics Teacher Training in Mumbai for teachers

Features of Phonics Programme
  • Year - round admissions
  • Reasonable programme fee
  • Expert trainers
  • Study - kit as well as handouts
  • Use of audio - visual materials
  • Tips to start own phonics centre for children

Content of the Programme
  • Importance, Definition as well as Types of Phonics
  • Whole Language Approach versus Phonics
  • Demonstration of Letter as well as Digraph sounds
  • Letter Formation
  • Blending as well as Segmenting
  • Blends
  • Tricky words
  • Phonics Rules
  • Alternative Vowel Spellings

Phonics Teacher Training in Mumbai Course Thane

Career Scope

The ex – trainees of Phonics Teacher Training in Mumbai are enjoying professional success as

  • phonics teachers in schools affiliated to different boards.
  • phonics trainers.
  • entrepreneurs by starting their own Phonics Classes and Centres for children.

Who Can Enrol?

You can enrol for Phonics Teacher Training in Mumbai if you are a / an:

  • aspiring teacher,
  • in - service pre - primary or primary school teacher,
  • tutor,
  • upcoming woman entrepreneur,
  • parent,
  • housewife or collegian,
  • mid - career professional.

Learning Phonics Teacher Training in Mumbai Course Chembur

Features of VES
  • Firstly, Govt. Regd. Institute.
  • Secondly, Reliable Name in Teaching & Training field.
  • Thirdly, Rich Experience of over 20 years.
  • Fourthly, placement assistance.
  • Fifthly, widely accepted certification.

Duration and Eligibility
  • The 'Certificate Programme in Phonics Teachers' Training' is of 23 – hour duration.
  • Anyone possessing the basic knowledge of the English language is eligible to join the 'Certificate Programme in Phonics Teachers' Training’.

Forum Vakharia

"I got a job as a phonics teacher in a school in no time after doing my certification from VES. I took a good decision to join here. Thanks."

Sweetland Nursery and Playgroup – Kandivali, Mumbai
Meghana Solanki (phonic kingdom)

"The guidance I got to set up my own phonics classes proved to be so useful. It was easy. Thank you VES for everything."

Montana international school – Vasai