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Phonics Kids

Definition of Phonics and Its Need

Phonics is a systematic and scientific method for learning language. It Firstly is used to teach children letter sounds, letter formation and to blend sounds and read independently. Phonics helps young children to read, write as well as spell well in English, making them Phonics Kids.

Due to unsatisfactory results of traditional language teaching approaches like ‘rote’ learning and memorization, there is a need for Phonics learning. When Phonics is used by teachers as well as parents to develop children’s English language, Phonics Kids are able to do their best in the English language.

Phonics helps kids to
  • Firstly, enjoy reading from an early age.
  • Secondly, build good vocabulary.
  • Thirdly, write letters of the alphabet and words.
  • Fourthly, pronounce words easily.
  • Fifthly, understand well.

Phonics helps teachers to
  • Firstly, ease the process of learning the English language in children.
  • Secondly, develop creative abilities for writing in kids.
  • Thirdly, nurture love in students for the English language.

Phonics Kids Courses

Features of Phonics Programme
  • Our Phonics curriculum is based on popular UK - based synthetic phonics approach.
  • All - inclusive theory
  • Extensive practical training provided to trainees
  • Expert as well as Professional Phonics trainers
  • Excellent Teaching Aids
  • Ample revision as well as demonstrations
  • Study kit
  • Sample of worksheets
  • Guidance for starting one’s own phonics classes
  • Flexible batch options –
    • Weekday (Monday to Friday),
    • Weekend batch (Saturdays as well as Sundays),
    • or special vacation batches.

Programme Content
  • Significance, definition as well as types of Phonics
  • Whole Language Approach v/s Phonics
  • Letter sounds as well as Digraph sounds
  • Letter Formations
  • Sound blending
  • Segmenting to spell
  • Consonant blends
  • Tricky words
  • Phonics rules
  • Alternative vowel spellings

Phonics Kids Training in Borivali

Job opportunity
  • Work as a certified phonics teacher in schools affiliated to State / CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE/ IB board.
  • In – service teacher can get a promotion or an increment.
  • Start own phonics classes and make children Phonics Kids.
  • Opportunity to become Phonics teachers’ trainer.
  • As a parent, help in your child’s English language development.

Who Can Enrol?

Any adult female who is -

  • An aspiring teacher
  • An experienced in - service teacher
  • A private tutor
  • A parent or a housewife
  • An entrepreneur
  • A professional seeking career change or even a collegian.

Phonics Kids Institute in Mumbai
Features of VES

Our prime features are -

  • Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is a govt. regd. teacher training institute.
  • We are one of the reliable names in teaching & training field in the preschool education.
  • Well - experienced in teacher training field for over two decades.
  • Good infrastructure.
  • Reasonable fees.

  • "Phonics certification from VES advanced my teaching career a lot. I got promoted. Thanks to VES team."
  • "Thanks VES for making me a Phonics professional. I feel confident now.”

Duration and eligibility
  • Our certificate programme in Phonics Teachers' Training is a 23 – hour programme.
  • Anyone possessing basic knowledge of the English language is eligible.