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Phonics Courses

About Us

Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is a well - known Govt. Regd. Teachers Training Institute. We have been in the field of teaching & training for more than two decades. Our phonics teacher training courses are job - oriented as well as certificate courses.

Phonics and Its Need

Phonics helps young learners to read, write, spell as well as understand the English language. It has been proved to be an effective approach. As there is a high demand for well – trained phonics teachers, one needs to undertake quality Phonics Courses. At Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES), aspiring teachers or in - service teachers take up our Phonics programme. Doing such Phonics Courses also enables one to open own phonics centre for young kids. This brings about better understanding of the English language in children. Phonics also helps a kid to pronounce correctly. Teachers can use phonics with kids to impart English language skills and to increase creative writing ability. Teachers can also foster love for the English language.

Phonics Course in Mumbai

Features of Phonics Programme
  • We follow UK - based synthetic phonics.
  • Our curriculum contains theoretical as well as practical aspects.
  • Proficient Phonics trainers
  • Study – kit as well as hand-outs
  • Audio – visual aids
  • Tips to set up own phonics classes

Content of the Programme
  • Importance of Phonics
  • Definition as well as Types of Phonics
  • Demonstration of Letter sounds as well as Digraph sounds
  • Letter Formation
  • Segmenting as well as Blending of sounds
  • Consonant Blends
  • Tricky Words
  • Phonics Rules
  • Alternative Vowel Spellings

Our Alumni

Our trained candidates of Phonics Courses are enjoying success by becoming a phonics teacher in schools or are conducting home tuition. Many of them are successfully running their own Phonics Classes for children.

Phonics Course for Adults

Who Can Enrol?

One can enrol for such Phonics Courses if one is a / an:

  • Pre – primary or primary school teacher
  • Ambitious teacher
  • Home tutor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Parent
  • Housewife or collegian
  • Mid – career professional

  • “This phonics certification from VES helped me to enter the teaching field. I am able to give more time to my children as well as have an income for myself."
  • "I found it so easy to set up my phonics classes using the tips given during training. Thanks.”

Duration and eligibility
  • The duration of our ‘Certificate Programme in Phonics Teachers’ Training' is 23 hours.
  • Anyone possessing basic knowledge of the English language is eligible to do this course.