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Phonics Course for Teachers

About Us

Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is a Govt. Regd. teacher training institute, established more than two decades ago. VES conducts Phonics Course for Teachers as well as would - be teachers. The course is not only helpful for teachers but also for parents, housewives and college – students. It is a course for any professionals from other fields.

Phonics and Its Need

A language learning approach like Phonics is very helpful to kids in pre - primary levels to read, write as well as spell. Now – a – days, many schools are looking for trained Phonics teachers. So those who do Phonics Course for Teachers easily get jobs in schools to teach phonics.

Phonics helps kids to -
  • read, write letters as well as pronounce words from early years.
  • build a strong vocabulary.
  • understand the English language in a better way.

Teachers need phonics to -
  • firstly, develop children’s language skills.
  • secondly, develop creative writing in children.
  • thirdly, improve children's understanding of the language.

Phonics course for teachers in Mumbai

Salient features
  • Our curriculum is based on the popular UK - based synthetic phonics approach.
  • Our curriculum is well - balanced between theoretical and practical aspects.
  • All - inclusive study material
  • Proficient Phonics trainers
  • Use of audio – visual aids
  • Guidance to start phonics classes

Content of the Programme
  • Importance, Definition as well as Types of Phonics
  • Whole Language Approach v/s Phonics
  • Letter and Digraph sounds with stories, jingles as well as actions
  • Letter Formation
  • Blending as well as Segmenting
  • Consonant blends
  • Tricky words
  • Phonics Rules
  • Alternative Vowel Spellings

Phonics Course For Teachers In Borivali

Job opportunity

On completion of Phonics Course for Teachers,

  • Teach phonics in schools as well as provide home tuition for phonics.
  • In - service teachers would be eligible for a promotion.
  • One can start one’s own phonics classes for young children.

Who Can Enrol?
  • An aspiring teacher
  • In - service school teacher
  • A home tutor
  • An entrepreneur
  • A working mother / Housewife
  • A professional from any field

  • "After I did my Phonics Course for Teachers from VES, I quickly got a job to teach phonics at an activity centre for kids. Thanks.”
  • “Thank you VES for the learning experience.”

Duration and eligibility
  • The certificate programme in Phonics Teachers' Training is a 23 – hour programme.
  • Any candidate who possesses basic knowledge of the English language is eligible to join us.