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The Need For Parenting Programs

'Becoming a parent' is one of the most natural and relatively easy things on earth. However, 'being a parent' neither comes naturally nor easily. We are overwhelmingly happy when a child arrives in our lives. But soon we are overwhelmed by the daunting task of having to raise that child.

Children don't come with a handbook. For every parent it is all uncharted territory. We have to learn every step of the way.

But most of us are either in a state of denial or get defensive when it is suggested to us that there are ways and skills that we can learn in order to do our job as parents better.We usually do not want to hear anybody who tells us about better ways to do and say things because most of the times we feel that our ways are the best ways!

It is true that the relationship between a parent and child is a private one. And it may not seem right to tell a parent as to how he or she should raise his or her child.

Having said that, would you not take a road map to a new destination instead of just trying to go round and round wrong paths looking for the destination? Similarly, if there are proven ways and guidelines to parent a child, then why not learn and use them instead of learning through trial and error.

Positive Parenting Program

According to our parenting education program in order to establish a healthy relationship with children we have to communicate effectively and this is elaborated in our parent training programs. After doing the parenting skills training we learn that the key is to build communication which is

  • Effective
  • Respectful
  • Less stressful
  • and Satisfying

Improving our method of communication can not only better our relationship with our children but also make our as well as our children's life easier. What we at say, how we say, when we say can make a whole lot of difference and can successfully pave the way for other vital aspects of parenting. Once you have undergone our parenting program you will be able to:

  • Disciplining without antagonizing.
  • Engaging willingly cooperation.
  • Sensitizing about feelings.
  • Developing positive personality.
  • Building a loving and respectful atmosphere.
  • Solving problems and conflicts amicably.

Therefore, to communicate well with your children is a vital aspect of being a good parent. Our parenting workshop "How to make your children listen to you" is one of the most unique parenting programs. This parent education program consists of comprehensive sessions on different vital aspects of parenting, teaching and care giving. This positive parenting program will help you to acquire skills which can be practised by you to communicate better with your children, thus forging better relations with them.

Why wait? Join our parent education programs today!

What parents who have done this workshop have to say?

Bhairavi Yogi

"The best thing about this workshop is the way the skills are taught by way of revision, discussion, practice etc. It is effective and interesting! This is a parenting workshop which doesn't sound like a lecture. Good. I learnt and enjoyed so much."

Homemaker - Mother of an 11- year- old
Akansha Nandi

"I would recommend all parents as well as educators to do this workshop. I plan to ask my friends and relatives to also undergo the workshop. I benefited a lot. Thanks."

Corporate employee - Mother of a 3-year- old
Sakshi Bhatnagar

"Thanks for this wonderful parenting workshop from VES, I have learnt skills you which can help me to work towards becoming a better mother and even a better spouse. I am sure it will bring a lot of positive difference in my life. Thanks."

Lecturer - Mother of a 9-year-old
Kalki Varun

"I am so happy about how this course has affected my family life so positively! I am loving the feeling that I am now becoming the mother my children always wanted. Thank you so much for making me a better parent! I will definitely recommend all to take up this workshop."

Stay-Home-Mom - Mother of 7-year-old
Reeta Rathore

"Outstanding content, excellently conducted, thoroughly enjoyable workshop. Not just lecture, far more interactive and participative. Very interesting. Thank you for everything."

Home Maker - Mother of two children, aged 5 and 8 years