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Parenting Courses Mumbai

Train in Parenting - WHY?

  • Raising a child is one of the most crucial responsibilities that we parents need to fulfil.
  • In order to do this job well, a parent as such, has no concrete guidelines and rule books to refer to.
  • All a parent can rely on is his natural instincts, experience shared by other parents and some so called expert advice.
  • Parenting skills courses don't just provide expert knowledge but actually train the parent in proven techniques.
  • Training helps in becoming adept at the use of such parenting techniques and tools.
  • Training provides a basic framework on which a parent can work keeping in mind the nature and circumstances of the child.
  • Once a parent gets trained, parenting is not left to sheer chance and an unending cycle of trials and errors.
  • To train is to have the right know-how and also the confidence.
  • To be trained is to be prepared.

Parenting Courses

Train in Parenting- FROM WHERE?

  • Enrol for the parenting courseHow to make your Children Listen to you?atVidhyanidhi Education Society to train in parenting.
  • Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES)is a leading institution in the area of education and training.
  • We have trained over 1000 teaching professionals, working for the most reputed educational institutes all over the world in the last two decades.
  • Around 1000 families have made use of our parent courses to lead better and happier lives till now.

Train in positive parenting techniques– FROM VES- WHO CAN ENROL!
  • Stay-home Mothers
  • Working Mothers
  • Fathers
  • To-be-parents
  • Grandparents
  • Teachers
  • Educators (irrespective of their role)
  • Child Care-givers
  • Child Counsellors
  • Entrepreneurs of Child care facilities
  • Anyone interested in child care and development

Positive Parenting Course

Train in Parenting – FROM VES – WHAT FOR?

  • Our parenting courses train in 'parenting skills' that are meticulously researched and developed.
  • Entire content has been conceptualized by an expert team of psychologists, researchers, educators and trainers.
  • The skills cover some of the most vital aspects of parenting.
  • These skills are practical and instantly applicable unlike philosophical ideals which may pose difficulties when put to practice.
  • Skill training is much better than just reading a book, or surfing a website, or attending a seminar, or enrolling for an online course etc.
  • This positive parenting course is not only informative, but also stimulating and enjoyable.

Train in Parenting – FROM VES- WHAT 'S THE GAIN?

After you train with us, you will be able to

  • Raise your children more effortlessly and find parenting much more enjoyable.
  • Forge happier, healthier and more satisfying relationships with your children.
  • Understand your children and their feelings better.
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Make children cooperate willingly.
  • Resolve conflicts easily and peacefully.
  • Create limits while maintaining goodwill.
  • Praise in a manner that helps the child build a positive self-image.
  • Establish a loving, caring and respectful environment around children.

Train in Parenting – FROM VES- HOW?

  • The workshop will be conducted through 2 separate exhaustive sessions.
  • Each session will be facilitated by a proficient facilitator.
  • The sessions will facilitate experiential learning in a group.
  • The skills will be revised, discussed and practised through role-play, audio-visuals, and questionnaires.
  • Experience and ideas will be shared amongst the group.
  • Hand-outs and manuals shall be supplied.

Train in Parenting – FROM VES – WHAT ARE THE Parent Courses Reviews?

Deepsikha Purohit

"The skills are exceptionally useful. The language used in the content material is very easy to understand. It was a lot of fun doing all those role-plays. Overall I learnt a lot, realized my mistakes and enjoyed thoroughly."

Marketing Manager at an MNC - Mother of a 6-year-old
Prashant Jadhav

"All the sessions are excellent. I realized how understanding children's feelings, praising correctly, building a positive self-image so crucial. In fact my son will find me a better parent from now on."

Bank Employee - Father of 10-year-old
Kushal Agnihotri

"Truly, worth joining! My whole perspective towards my child has changed. I will recommend this workshop to all parents. Thank you."

Defence Personnel - Father of a 6-year-old
Anuradha Dwivedi

"I think the high-point of this workshop is the way it is conducted. Those role-plays, cartoon illustrations, questionnaires and all the interactive process helps a lot. I am completely satisfied. Thanks."

Stay-home mother of two teenaged children

"I think this workshop is highly suitable for parents having children in all age groups. I found each technique very handy. My entire parenting style has changed and become better! Thanks a ton."

Software Professional - Father of a 10-year-old