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Online Montessori Course

Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is a Govt. Regd. Teacher Training Institute, located in Mumbai, India. We offer a range of Teacher Training Programs via different modes of study. We also conduct the Montessori Teacher Training Course through the online mode.

About the Course

The Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training (Online) converts you into a proficient Montessori Teacher. The Online Montessori Course will train you in a comprehensive curriculum consisting of both theory as well as practicals.

The theoretical aspect encompasses topics like psychology, needs as well as interests of children, curriculum planning and implementing child care services etc. The practical aspect includes rhymes, story - telling, activities to foster learning etc.

Online Montessori Course in Mumbai

Benefits of Online Mode

You can

  • complete the course with just an internet connection.
  • pursue the course from home sitting in any part of the world.
  • manage your other personal, professional or academic work while undertaking the course.

Duration of the course

The duration of the course is one year. However, you can complete the Online Montessori Course at any time within one - year period.

Eligibility for admission

You are eligible to undertake this course if your age is 18 years or above and if you possess an educational qualification of 10+2 level or above.

Online Montessori Course Online in India

How does the Online Mode of Study work?
  • The evaluation of the Online Montessori Course is based on assignments.
  • The trainee doesn’t have to appear for examinations.
  • The course consists of 5 modules altogether- 4 theory modules as well as 1 practical module.
  • The course material suits self - study.
  • The trainee can also take print - outs of the study material.
  • You have to complete each set of assignments within a specific time period.
  • Our experienced evaluators evaluate your assignments.
  • After we receive and evaluate the first set of assignments, we will send you the second set of study materials as well as assignments.
  • The third set is sent after the second set is completed by the trainee.

Diploma in Online Montessori Course

Career Openings

With the Online Diploma certification in Teacher Training, you can build a satisfying career in the teaching and training sector. You will be able to find employment in reputable schools and educational institutes in India as well as abroad as a

  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • Curriculum Planner
  • Supervisor
  • Coordinator

You can also become a child - care entrepreneur and start a child care set - up of your choice on the basis of this certification.

Hence, join our Online Montessori Course at the earliest!