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Montessori Courses Online

Pre - schools are the core of basic education as they lay the foundation of a child's academic life. And in today's competitive world, pre - schools are gaining increasing importance. The first six years play a very crucial role in the development of a child. It is ultimately the teacher who refines the intellect of the child. She thus brings about the desired growth and development in the child. Therefore, the need for a skilled pre - school teacher who has undertaken Montessori teacher training arises.

Vidhyanidhi Education Society is a reputable teacher training institute that offers an array of teacher training diploma courses. We offer various Montessori Courses Online to cater to the needs of the candidates who cannot come down personally to attend regular lectures.

Montessori Courses Online Diploma Institute

VES has come up with its Online Courses after realizing the need to reach aspiring teachers wherever they may be on the globe. It has made career - focused Montessori teacher training courses available on one’s desktop.

The Montessori Courses Online conducted through VES India offer in - depth as well as broader outlook to freshers, towards teaching techniques and education as a profession. The existing in - service teachers who are yet untrained are also taking up this course to upgrade their skills. Our course covers a variety of subjects which will give one an essential knowledge of teacher training. This knowledge is required to become a duly skilled pre - school educator.

Montessori Courses Online Teacher Training

Our teacher training courses allow one to pursue a successful career in diverse fields related to pre - school education like teaching, administration, research etc. They also provide one with the necessary guidance and knowledge to set up, run and administer one’s own pre - school, day care centre, toy library, activity club etc.

Hence, if one has flair for working with children, come and enrol with our Montessori Courses Online and get on the path to become a certified pre - school instructor or child care director.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is one year. However, one can complete the course at any time within the one - year limit.


If one has 10+2 level qualification, one can apply for the course.