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Learning Disabilities Training Courses

Beneficial Course

The Diploma in Learning Disabilities training courses by Vidhyanidhi Education Society is apt for those aspiring to foray into the inclusive teaching and LD field. The course is beneficial as it

  • develops an understanding about
    • learning disabilities.
    • social and emotional development of learners with disabilities.
  • acquaints educators with the types of behaviours connected with different types of learning disabilities.
  • equips them with the suitable approaches and methodologies to
    • maintain a warm relationship with the learners and
    • have a proper learning environment in the classroom.
  • trains educators about different supports and skills needed.
  • enables educators to make a genuine difference in an inclusive classroom.

Easy Enrolment & Systematic Progress
  • Fill online application of the Learning Disabilities training courses. Enrol Now!!
  • After fee payment, start the course.
  • First set of soft copy of study module is e-mailed / couriered.
  • Appear for an MCQ based assessment.
  • After completion of the previous assessment the next set of study module is sent.
  • Course coordinator will guide you.
  • Marksheet and certificate are prepared and couriered to you.

Learning Disabilities Training Courses Online


10 + 2 in any stream


1 year

Career alternatives
  • Become a Remedial teacher, Shadow Teacher, Special Needs Tutor or Counsellor.
  • In service teachers will be able to modify the classroom environment to support learners with special needs.
  • Join NGOs active in the field of education as an NGO Worker.
  • Special Education Caregiver will be able to identify learners with learning difficulties and solve their problems.
  • Entrepreneurs will be able to set-up and run a facility for children with learning disabilities.
  • Coordinators, Supervisors, Centre-Heads, Admission Officers will be able to serve with greater efficiency.
  • Parent can better handle academic problems of children with learning disability.

Learning Disabilities Training Courses Programs

Course Highpoints
  • Affordable Fee
  • All our Learning Disabilities training courses are developed by Licensed Practitioners
  • Course reviewed and recommended by an experienced professional in this field
  • Well-researched course content
  • Guidance from expert and experienced mentors
  • Round-the-year admissions
  • Assessment through application based MCQs
  • The term ‘online’ / ‘distance’ mode of study is not mentioned on the marksheet and certificate.
  • Free shipping of marksheet and diploma certificate
  • Widely accepted Certification

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