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Early Childhood Education Online Courses

The Early Childhood years (i.e. 0-6 yrs) play a very crucial role in the growth and development of a child. The ECCE teachers imparting education to children of this age group need to be well versed withEarly Childhood Education (ECCE) topics related to child psychology and child development. The teachers teaching these children should take into consideration the children needs, interests, abilities etc. as they play a key role in their academic and other areas of development.

With the rapid increase in the number of pre-schools there is a high demand for well-trained pre-school teachers. Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) a leadingEarly Childhood Education Teacher Training Institute,identifying the need of the hour, the busy schedule of the aspiring teachers has come up with its Diploma In Early Childhood Education Online.

Our Early Childhood Education Online Coursegives you insights on proper teaching techniques and strategies for young kids which in turn equip you to become a skilful teacher.This comprehensive and lucid Early Childhood Education Online Teacher Training Programhas been planned keeping in mind the needs of our online teacher training trainees. The curriculum of Early Childhood Education Online Coursewill expose you to different topics such as child psychology,child growth and development, various aspects of child health and nutrition , first aid and immunization programme , motivational skills , classroom management , curriculum planning ,methods and maxims of teaching etc.

The ECCE programme is self-explanatory; it will enhance yourknowledge and skillsand thus will help you to face the wide variety of challenges in this dynamic stream of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).

Being an Online Early Childhood Education Program, it provides you with the flexibility of pursuing this Early Childhood Education Online Program without moving out of your comfort zone and distracting your routine. It is quite economical as you can take up this teacher trainingprogramme along with your job and can also save the expense incurred on your conveyance.

The constant guidance and personal support from our onlineECCE teacher trainingmentorswill make this journey easy and memorable.

So Hurry up! Register for our Early Childhood Education Online Training and grab the opportunity to play a vital role in the education of young children.

Why Enrol for Online Early Childhood Education (ECCE/ ECE) Programme Through VES ?

Once there was a time when everyone had to go to institutions, colleges and universities physically to continue their education, but today, sensing the need of students and making complete utilization of technology, VES has come up with its Online Early Childhood Courses in India. Our Early Childhood Education Online Teacher Training diploma programme has been designed in such a way that the trainee teachers can face the wide variety of challenges in dynamic and innovative stream of Early Childhood Education(ECCE) without moving out of their comfort zone and disrupting their routine. Study anywhere at any time via the internet!

Hurry up! Enrol for the Online Early Childhood Education Courses (ECCE/ ECE) and grab the opportunity to study as per your choice and at your pace !

Early Childhood Online Courses

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The highlight of our Early Childhood Online Courses is that it can be done online fully. You can you do it from your home. It gives you the flexibility to attain your ECCE diploma along with your other commitments like work, family etc., i.e. you can get early childhood care & education certification without disrupting your routine, which would be far harder to do in regular or in-class mode. It is also economical as you can save the money that would have been otherwise wasted in commuting to the centre.


Anyone with 10+2 level qualification or qualification higher than that is welcome to enrol for this Online Early Childhood Education Course.

Documents Required to enrol for Early Childhood Education course
  • Passing certificate or marksheet of your highest qualification
  • Two recent passport size photographs


Duration of the Online Early Childhood Education Teacher Training Diploma Programin India is of one year. However, a candidate can complete theOnlineEarly Childhood Education courseat any time within one-year limit.

Early Childhood Education Online Course

How it Works ?

The Early Childhood Education Online Training Program of Vidhyanidhi Education Society(India) is quite simple. After enrolling for the Online Early Childhood Education, the ECCE course co-ordinator will immediately get in touch with you. A welcome letter containing details of enrolment, and instructions on how to go about the entire programme along with the first phase of study materials and assignments will be e-mailed to you. For convenience, you can download the PDF files of study materials and take out print-outs of the same.

Early Childhood Education Course(ECCE/ ECE) is entirely assignment-based. It contains five modules in all (four theoretical and one practical), divided into two phases. The candidates will be given access to one phase at a time. There are assignments in each phase, which the candidates are required to attempt and e-mail to the Early Childhood Education Online Training Courseco-ordinatorfor evaluation. The candidates will be given access to the second phase once they submit the assignments of the first phase. Each phase has to be completed within the specific time limit. All the assignments will be evaluated by our well-qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educationfaculty members.

In case you have any doubts regarding any aspects of the Online Early Childhood Educationsuch as the course material, assignments etc., our Early Childhood Education(ECCE)course co-ordinators will be glad to assist you. For any other issues, you can get in touch with our support team and they will help you with all sincerity.

After the successful completion of the Early Childhood Education (ECCE/ ECE) Program, the marksheet and certificate of Teachers Training Diplomawill be couriered to your postal address.

Early Childhood Education Online

Teaching Practice

Teaching practice works a little differently for Online Education Teacher Training Diploma Programme, i.e. it is optional, but we would highly recommend it, especially for candidates who do not have any teaching experience as no teacher training course is complete without sufficient amount of practical training. No amount of theory will work unless one is in the classroom, interacting with students. Therefore internship or teaching practice sessions are an important part of our Early Childhood Education Coursecurriculum.

During internship of Early Childhood Education Online Training, trainee teachers are exposed to various practical aspects of pre-school teaching and management. During internship, they observe and become aware of the needs and behaviour of pre-school children; they get to understand the classroom set-up, and are able to plan and prepare their lessons better. This, in turn, will make their teaching more effective in the future.

Candidates interested inECE course will be provided with a letter of reference from VES, recommending them for internship. Candidates can select any school of their choice near their vicinity and gain teaching experience.

ECCE Online
Early Childhood Education Online Certificate
  • The marksheet and certificate of Online Teacher Training DiplomaEducation will be available after successful completion of the ECCE course.
  • Shipment of the marksheet and certificate of the course within India and outside India will be done free of cost. It takes a maximum of 30 days for the marksheet and certificate to reach the trainee's address.
  • The best part of this (ECE) Online Early Childhood Education Program is that the term "online" will not be mentioned anywhere on the marksheet and certificate. This will help the ECCE online candidates to become certified teachers without having to travel to a different place to take up the course.
  • This Online Early Childhood Diploma Courses is as valuable as other full-time or part-time in- class programmes as the curriculum has been designed in such a way that it equips our online candidates with both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • This Early Childhood Education Online Certificate provides our candidates with an entry point into schools of State / CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE / IB board in India and abroad.
  • Kindergartens, pre-schools, creches, activity clubs, toy libraries are the places where job prospects are very high for our ECE teacher training diploma - certified candidates.