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Early Childhood Education Diploma

Pre - schools are the core of basic education as they lay the foundation of a child's academic life. And in today's challenging world, pre - schools are attaining increasing importance. The first six years play a very significant role in the development of a child. It is finally the teacher who along with the mother brings about the desired growth and development in the child. Therefore, the need for a capable pre - school teacher who has undertaken Early Childhood Education Diploma arises. One requires to achieve a diploma in order to pursue a career as a successful pre - school teacher.

Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is a famous teacher training institute. It offers a range of teacher training diploma courses to help you develop as a successful teacher. Early Childhood Diploma course is one of them.

VES has introduced its Early childhood diploma course in India, understanding the necessity to reach ambitious teachers wherever they may be in the world. The marvel of technology can be put to effective use. Think of a class that always starts the second you're ready- with just the click of a mouse at any time of the day at your convenience and your pace.

Early Childhood Education Diploma Courses

This online course at VES provides detailed and wider outlook to freshers, towards teaching methods and education as a profession. The in - service teachers who are not yet trained are also enrolling themselves for this course these days. This is because this course has become an important pre - requisite for teaching pre - schoolers. Doing this program will allow you to pursue a successful career in various fields related to pre - school education like teaching, administration, research etc. It also offers you the required guidance and knowledge to set up, run and manage your own pre - school, day care centre, toy library, activity club etc. You can also work with different educational organizations as a centre head, supervisor, course co - ordinator, programme planner, editorial board member etc.

Hence, if you have talent for working with children, come and enrol in our Early Childhood Diploma Course and become a certified pre-school trainer or child care director.

Early Childhood Education Diploma in Mumbai

Course Duration

The duration of this course is one year. However, you can complete the entire course at any time within one - year limit.


If you are 10+2 level qualified, you can apply for this programme.