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Courses Related To School Administration

The Institution

A kind welcome to all. VES, a Govt. Regd. Teachers’ Training Institution (under Societies' Registration Act, 1860 and Public Trust Act, 1950) a renowned institute, provides a rich platform for aspiring teachers and educationalists.

The Courses Offered

If you are looking for courses related to school administration, then VES is a right destination as we have an experience of around two decades in the training field!We offer courses like

  • Diploma in Educational Management
  • Diploma in School Administration And Management

Join VES for courses related to school administration and get broadly accepted Certification taking your career to a newer heights.

Courses Related to School Administration in Mumbai

The Career Options
  • On receiving the certification you can apply for jobs in school and other educational institutions.The post you can apply for are given below:
    • Teacher
    • Supervisor
    • Coordinator
    • Administrator
    • Centre – head
    • Vice –principal
    • Principal
  • You can apply for the post of CEO’s and educational managers and provide educational solutions and services.
  • Acquire strategies to pioneer your own preschool for children and become an ENTREPENEUR.

  • Curriculum for the courses related to school administration are complete and extensively designed with theory subjects like
    • Educational Administration And Management
    • Elements Of School Organization
    • Human Resources In Educational Management
    • Educational Management Strategies
  • Training required for boosting self-confidence and skill building.
  • Timely Admin support.

Significant Features
  • All through the year, enrolment is accepted.
  • You can avail for the course through Online/Distance mode only.
  • Schedule of the programme is flexible.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced course coordinators.
  • Assessment will be done on the basis of attempted assignments.
  • Regular inputs, support and feedback
  • Terms 'online'and 'distance' are not mentioned on marksheet and certificate.
  • The Marksheet and certificate will be couriered for free.

Courses Related to School Administration and Management

Course Progress
  • Study material and assignments are couriered (distance mode) / e-mailed in PDF format (online mode) from time to time.
  • Study the modules, solve the assignments and send them for assessment.
  • On completion of previous assignments, the next set of modules is sent
  • Course coordinator are available for timely guidance and support whenever required.
  • On completion of course, Marksheet and certificate are couriered.

The Eligibility

10+2 or Above


Course can be completed within one year.

Other Courses on Offer

Programmes in Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma

  • Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
  • Montessori Teacher Training (MTT)
  • Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)
  • Pre Primary Teacher Training (PPTT)

Certificate Course in Phonics Teachers’ Training

Boost your career and bring Success by joining VES!