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Teacher Training Courses

Career Scope

  • Budding Entrepreneurs
    Our Teacher Training Courses help budding entrepreneurs who run or intend to start educational programmes such as pre-school, activity club, toy library, day care centre etc.
  • Teachers The Teachers Training Courses help existing / in-service teachers who want to
    • Keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the field of education.
    • Support their experience with certification.
    • Seek better job opportunities and increments.
  • Homemakers
    Our Teacher Training Education Courses are for homemakers who wish to
    • Enhance their parenting skills.
    • Gain inputs on growth and development of their children.
    • Take up part-time jobs with flexible working hours and thus maintain a balance between professional and personal life.
  • College-Going Students
    Our Teacher Education Training Courses help collegians who aspire to gain a professional qualification along with graduation since the institute offers these Teacher Training Courses through various modes such as Regular / In-class Teacher Training, Correspondence / Distance Learning Teacher Training & Online Teacher Training.
  • Mid-Career Professionals
    Our Teachers Training Courses help mid-career professionals who wish to change their current profession due to :
    • Long working hours
    • Target-based jobs
    • Frequent long-distance travelling

Career Opportunities

On successful completion of these Teacher Training Courses, each trainee will earn the credential of a certified pre-school teacher / early childhood care educator.

The trainees can get employed in the following or they can open any of the following :
  • Play Groups
  • Nursery Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Primary Sections
  • Activity Clubs
  • Recreation Programmes
  • Family Resource Centres

Teacher Training Courses :

  • Early Childhood Education Program
  • Early Childhood Teacher Training
  • Pre Primary Teacher Training Course
  • Nursery Teacher Training Course
  • Montessori Course