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Welcome To Parenting Skills Classes

Whosoever we may be a parent or a teacher or a caregiver 'the part' that we play in children's lives is very important. But, unfortunately it is also underestimated and unaided by society. And so bringing up, guiding, supporting, loving and teaching children and teenagers becomes an uphill task. Especially, in today's world with increasing exposure to media, violence and materialism and fast changing social and moral values.

When parents, teachers or caregivers look for support, what they mostly find in majority of books, articles, websites, programmes and courses is a lot of philosophy and idealism — generally impractical. When we try to practically apply such ideals at home or in the classroom, faced with a difficult child, or with a child who won't listen, then we may find that it isn't working.When we're feeling frustrated, angry, disappointed or guilty, we may need more workable solutions and handy skills instead of philosophical ideals.

And here comes the role of VES and its parenting workshop -How to make your Children Listen to you? We have translated ideals into actions for you! Not mere lectures or dictates, but a set of researched, tried and tested practical skills. Skills that are easy to follow, easy to apply, and best of all, they actually work!!! No more long sermons, unsolicited advice and mind boggling literature on parenting! Now you can take it easy, and simply enjoy your role in the life of the children in your care.

So, join our Parenting Classes

Our parenting skills classes seek to integrate the expertise of professional psychologists and educators in the field of child teaching and teacher training. Our esteemed team not only possesses the required know-how but also holds real-world experience of being parents and teachers themselves. The hands-on practical training that we offer is highly suitable for parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers of children of all ages and nature. With us you acquire a unique blend of skills to supplement and strengthen the love and devotion you have for the children in your life,thus, improving your equation with those children and bringing more joy, peace and satisfaction in your life.

Here are a few reasons why we as parents should opt for VES's How to make your Children Listen to you? workshop.

  • The sessions will be highly interactive, and will not sound like a discourse where there is only sermonizing.
  • There will be ample opportunities to practise the skills, and you will not be required to rely on memory or jotted notes.
  • Not only manuals and hand-outs will be given, but there will also be a lot of experience sharing, discussions, questionnaires etc. during the sessions.
  • Live child parenting classes with fellow parents facing almost similar challenges with children may prove to be far more stimulating than books, online courses, websites, CDs, seminars etc. on parenting.
  • The parent can choose the skills most suitable to the child's temperament, the nature and gravity of the problem faced and his own capabilities etc. The skills are not water-tight do's and don't s; they offer flexibility and choice.
  • The weekly gaps in between the sessions will provide the parent sufficient time to absorb, evaluate and apply the skills taught, as opposed to daily sessions or one-day seminars etc.

So we hope that you realize why VES would be the right choice for undergoing a parenting workshop. So find out more about us now and enroll today for such Parent Effectiveness Training.

Reviews about this workshop given by parents who have attended :

Aparna Soni

"These family parenting classes are very relevant in today's times. The skills are so handy for a working mother like me having a single child. I am so thankful to VES for this parent effectiveness training."

Facilities Head at a Corporate - Mother of a 7-year-old
Rudra Joshi

"These new parenting classes are such an eye-opener! Both my children used to be in constant war with each other. It used to be so difficult to handle them. But now, I and my wife are being able to manage their sibling-related problems much better."

Bank employee - Father of two children, aged 4 and 7 years
Manpreet Sodhi

"I was finding it so difficult to get my six-year-old to listen to me at all. He would start all his responses with a 'no'. I was getting tired of his 'No's'. But after doing this parenting class, now I am slowly being able to make him agree to me. Thanks Vidhyanidhi I am being able to make my child listen to me."

Businessman - Father of a 6-year-old
Sujata Ramesh

"I am amazed how positively my daughter has started responding to me since I undertook these parenting classes. I find a vast change in me too. I now realize how wrongly I dealt with her on many occasions. I intend to keep making good use of these skills. Thanks VES."

Software Professional - Mother of an 8-year-old
Megha Mehta

"It was an added benefit to hear the experiences and ideas that other parents shared. Those made me realize a few mistakes of my own. Made a few friends too. Overall, it was a tremendous learning experience. Thank you."

Homemaker - Mother of a 10-year-old