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Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Need for Diploma in Early Childhood Education

There is rapid development in children in the first six years of life.

  • They need the right environment as well as encouragement to develop.
  • A large number of pre - schools have come up in recent years and the demand for trained teaching professionals has gone up.

Therefore, in the last few years, Early Childhood Care and Education Programme has become popular. The programme prepares aspiring individuals for a successful teaching career. The training makes you industry ready. It also enables trainees to meet the necessities of children, parents and schools.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education ECCE Courses

Vidhyanidhi Education Society

Vidhyanidhi Education Society is an experienced teacher training institute. It is over two decades old in the field of preschool education. Our curriculum as well as training gives aspirants the required skills as well as confidence to face all kinds of challenges.

ECCE Programme

The Diploma in Early Childhood Education training provides knowledge as well as skills regarding

  • developmental phases in early childhood.
  • appropriate teaching methods as well as play activities.
  • child psychology as well as child development
  • management of difficult behaviour in children
  • the importance of creating an emotionally secure environment for children.
  • the utility of play as well as activity - based approach.
  • balanced diet as well as child health.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education Program in Mumbai


Diploma in Early Childhood Education can be completed at any time between Six months to One year.

Modes of study
  • Regular / In - class
  • Distance / Correspondence
  • Online/ E - learning

The Course Structure includes

Theoretical knowledge of

  • child development and psychology,
  • child health and nutrition,
  • organizing, planning as well as implementing suitable curriculum.

and practical skills about how to

  • interact with children, manage them, co – work with teachers, execute lesson plans etc. during Internship.
  • become confident while appearing for job interviews and giving demos while trainees appear for a Viva - voce.
  • gain skills related to phonics, curriculum planning, craft , creativity etc. by attending Workshops.
  • obtain experience in preparing as well as using a variety of teaching aids and art activities through Project work.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education in India

  • Air - conditioned classrooms
  • Affordable fees
  • Interesting lectures
  • Brilliant faculty
  • Job - oriented certification
  • Placement assistance


The Diploma in Early Childhood Education Certification

  • firstly, makes you eligible to take up jobs as Teachers, Coordinators or Curriculum Planners.
  • and secondly, lets you be self - employed by starting any child care set - up.

So, enrol for Diploma in Early Childhood Education today