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Learning Disability Courses Mumbai

Valuable Course

The Diploma in Learning Disability Courses Mumbai by Vidhyanidhi Education Society is a suitable course for those who aspire to enter into the inclusive education field. The course is beneficial as it

  • cultivates an understanding about
    • various kind of learning disabilities.
    • Socio-emotional development of learner strying to cope with disabilities.
  • Familiarizes educators with the different types of behaviours associated with the various learning disabilities.
  • Acquaints and equips them with the apt methods and strategies to
    • maintain a good and warm relationship with the learners and
    • have an appropriate learning environment in the classroom.
  • Provides training to educators about different skills that are required.
  • Helps educators to make a sincere difference in an inclusive classroom.

Procedure of easy Enrolment
  • Fill in and submit to us the online application form. Enrol Now!!
  • After course fee payment, immediately start the course.
  • The soft copy of the first set of study module is e-mailed in case you opt for the online programme.
  • The first set of hard copy of study module is couriered in case you opt for the distance programme.
  • Appear and crack an MCQ-based assessment online.
  • After you finish completing the prior assessment, the next set of study material will be sent to you.
  • Our coordinator will guide you through the entire course programme.
  • You will receive the marksheet and certificate at your doorstep.

Certificate Learning Disability Courses Mumbai

Eligibility :

10 + 2 in any stream

Duration :

1 year to complete the learning Disability Courses Mumbai

Career alternatives for you

Venture into this education field as a Remedial teacher, Shadow Teacher, Special Needs Tutor or Counsellor after completion of learning Disability Courses Mumbai.

  • In-service teachers will be in a position to make changes in their classroom environment to help learners with special needs.
  • Join and start working with NGOs active in the field of inclusive education.
  • Special Education Caregiver will be equipped with skills to identify learners with learning difficulties and address to their problems effectively.
  • Entrepreneurs will be able to run a centre catering to the needs of children with disabilities.
  • Coordinators, Supervisors, Centre-Heads, Admission Officers will be able to serve better and with greater efficiency.
  • Parent can handle and manage academic problems of children with learning disability.

Course keypoints
  • Reasonable Fee
  • Course developed by a team of Expert Practitioners
  • Course reviewed and recommended by an experienced and qualified professional in the field of special education
  • Well-researched course content
  • Guidance from qualified and experienced mentors
  • All round-the-year admissions
  • Assessment through application based MCQs
  • The term ‘online’/ ‘distance’ mode of study will not be mentioned on the marksheet and certificate.
  • Shipping of marksheet and diploma certificate with no extra charges
  • Widely accepted Certification all around the globe.

Learning Disability Courses Mumbai Programs

About Courses Offered:

Diploma in

  • Learning Disability Course
  • Special Education Course
  • Shadow Teachers’ Training Course
  • School Administration & Management Course
  • Educational Management Course

Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma Programmes in

  • Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)
  • Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
  • Montessori Teacher Training (MTT)
  • Pre Primary Teacher Training (PPTT)

Specialized Courses

  • Grammar Teachers’ Training Course
  • Phonics Teachers’ Training Course
  • Parenting workshops

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